Teacher Training through School-Based Program in Participatory Learning Promotion

Global Conference on Contemporary Issues in Education, GLOBE-EDU 2014, 12-14 July 2014, Las Vegas, USA


Teacher Training through School-Based Program in Participatory Learning Promotion 

Prawit Erawana

This research aims to study the learning of teachers and teaching behavior change of those trained to teach life skills and attitudes to AIDS prevention, to study factors and conditions of teacher development in training form through school-based program, and to create an indicator of success in teacher training through the School-based Program. The research is a kind of mixed method research treated by an investigation into the questionnaires of the samples including 22 educational supervisors, administrators and teachers under 22 school programs and 4 of which selected for participating observation, deep interview, and focus group. The results show that there are five factors effecting the efficacy of teacher training through school-based program: 1) readiness of the school, 2) external school factor, 3) good training plan, 4) training process, 5) supervision process of supervisors. The learning of teachers trained is classified into 4 phases: 1) Trial and error in teaching and learning activities through PL process, 2) Confronting classroom problems related to students’ learning behaviors and teachers’ teaching roles, 3) Improved knowledge and understanding on learning management process and 4) A change of teaching and learning behaviors to PL.

Keywords: Teacher Training, School-based Program, Mixed Method Evaluation

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